Principal - Shaunna Derauche


Welcome to Clara Barton Elementary School.

Did you know that our school was named after one of the most famous women in American history?  Clarissa Harlowe Barton, or Clara as she liked to be called, began teaching at a time when most of the teachers were men.  She also was one of the first women to be employed by the federal government.

During the Civil War, Clara risked her life bringing supplies to the soldiers out in the field.  In 1881, when she was 60-years old she founded the American Red Cross.  She led the Red Cross for 23 years!  Because of her personal example, she opened up the field of volunteer service.

At Clara Barton School we try to be just like her!  Our students work very hard to:  “Be Respectful! Be Safe!  Be Responsible!”  Students are also encouraged to “fill each other’s buckets” by writing special comments of thanks to students and teachers who have done something special.  When you come into the school’s office you can see those comments hanging on the wall.  In addition, students are encouraged to “give back” to their neighborhood and community through volunteering.

Welcome to Barton!